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Hospital del Prado Tijuana

Clinical analisys laboratory

Clinical Analysis Laboratory
Prado Hospital and Medical Center

The clinical analysis laboratory provides services to hospitalized and outpatients 365 days a year.

It is attended by specialized professional staff that covers all shifts and adheres to the regulations of clinical laboratories.

Our high-end technology manages the test data and transmits it directly to the equipment that generates the printed studies.

We have state-of-the-art equipment for the study of blood that has shown higher rates of recovery of organisms, which allows timely diagnosis and treatment of infections.



Competitive advantages:

Microbiology area.

Specific panels for different types of studies.

Traceability by barcode.

Electronic incubator for blood cultures.

We participate monthly in the evaluation of external quality control.

It has the collaboration of experts in the areas of microbiology, endocrinology and hematology.

Clinical Laboratory Service in Emergencies

We have the technology to solve a critical problem. We have a gasometer, equipment that allows us to generate results in one minute and other more elaborate studies in 3 minutes. This allows us to be an indispensable factor that provides support to the health team to save the life of a patient.

Blood Transfusion Service

We provide 24-hour blood transfusion service.

We have the areas of:



Blood chemistry.





Specific tests for the diagnosis and monitoring of pathological disease treatment such as cancer detection such as CFA, Ca125, Ca19-8, Ca 27-7


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