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Hemos implementado con éxito un programa de Cirugía Robótica con el equipo daVinci de última generación con resultados extraordinarios. Ubicados estratégicamente en la ciudad de Tijuana, atendemos a pacientes de Estados Unidos, Canadá y México que se benefician de costos más económicos en comparación con los altos precios de sus países.

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Robot-assisted surgery systems are recommended for surgical procedures that require high levels of dexterity and precision, as well as better visualization of the surgical field, including the following:

Urological surgeries

Prostatectomy (prostate surgery), Partial and total nephrectomy (kidney surgery), Pyeloplasty (surgery to relieve kidney obstruction)

Gynecological Surgeries

Such as hysterectomy to remove the uterus, myomectomy to remove fibroids, and sacrocolpopexy to repair prolapsed organs in the pelvis

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Hospital del Prado Robotic Surgery Tijuana Center

About da Vinci Systems a Robotic-assisted surgery

Robotic-assisted surgery is a minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery that uses a robotic interface to control surgical instruments. With this specially designed system, the surgeon gets a magnified, three-dimensional view of the surgical area and is able to maneuver instruments more precisely during complex and delicate procedures.

After making a few small incisions, each about the size of a dime, the surgeon inserts special tools called trocars that are equipped with small surgical instruments and a miniature camera. These trocars are attached to robotic arms and are controlled by the surgeon who is sitting at a console in the operating room. The robotic arms mimic the surgeon's every movement, but with greater dexterity, precision and control than a human hand can achieve.

The da Vinci Surgical System is made up of three main components: the surgeon's command console, the interactive four-arm robot, and a high-resolution 3D vision system.

The console

surgeon console robotic surgery da vinci

The ergonomic console on which the surgeon sits and operates the robot. The surgeon sit at the console, controlling the instruments while viewing you anatomy in high-definition 3D.


Patient cart

patient cart robotic surgery da vinci

The patient cart holds the camera and the instruments that the surgeon controls from the console. Its positioned along side the bed.

Vision cart

vision cart robotic surgery da vinci

The vision cart makes communication between components possible and supports the 3D high-definition vision system.

Advantages of Robotic Surgery System

The exceptional precision of its movements offers numerous advantages compared to conventional laparoscopic surgery, both for the doctor for example, three-dimensional vision and reduction of physiological tremor, and for the patient less tissue damage, up to a shorter hospital stay  which in the end translates into economic benefits for public health.


Clinical uses

Robotic Surgery System

Procedures that require high levels of dexterity and precision as well as improved visualization of the surgical field are those selected for robotic-assisted surgery and include some of the following:

  • Cardiac surgeries including mitral valve repair
  • Urological surgeries such as prostatectomy to remove the prostate and nephrectomy to remove the kidney
  • Gynecological surgeries such as hysterectomy to remove the uterus, myomectomy to remove fibroids, and sacrocolpopexy to repair prolapsed organs in the pelvis

Advantages for the surgeon.

Medical Robotics is shaping the medical technology of tomorrow.

Better vision:

The image of the robot is sharper.

3D vision:

The use of the robot allows the surgeon to see in the third dimension instead of the second dimension.


Greater precision:

The robot eliminates natural tremor and gives the ability to miniaturize the surgeon's movements.

Access to difficult places:

Some sites in the body, such as the pelvis, are difficult to access by open or laparoscopic surgery.

Greater range of movements:

Facilitates advanced surgical techniques such as suturing.

Better funcional results

In surgeries such as radical prostatectomy, it helps to obtain better functional results in terms of urinary continence and sexual potency, since the nerves whose functions are those mentioned previously are found in the surgical work area.

Advantages for the patient

Since its introduction a few years ago, robotic surgery has been used in thousands of procedures, proving its safety and effectiveness. Patients benefit from the least invasive, safest surgical treatment for even the most complex conditions. During robotic-assisted surgery, the physician uses small incisions to improve patient outcomes compared to traditional open surgery: 

Faster recovery and return to normal activities

Shorter hospital stay

Significantly less pain and scarring


Less blood loss and need for blood transfusions

Less risk of infection

Less trauma to the body

Patient testimonials. Hospital Del Prado Robotic Surgery Unit.

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