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Why You Should Eat In Tijuana’s Food Trucks

Why You Should Eat In Tijuana’s Food Trucks

One very good reason to visit Tijuana: THE FOOD. And if you want to try a different dynamic than that in the tradicional restaurant, we recommend you to visit one of the many food trucks that offer exquisite options for not that much money. Here is what Descubre Tijuana has to say about these alternative, little, and moveable restaurants.

Enjoy some delicious charcoal grilled octopus tacos, or wood-fired pizza with fresh ingredients, crepes or salads with organic ingredients? Since few years ago, in Tijuana there has been a boom of urban cuisine, promoted directly by the natural riches that are abundant in the región and with the magic and art from the local Chefs creating flavors, colors, textures ready to please your palate. Bon appetite!

The now famous Food Trucks in Tijuana have taken a new meaning in the urban gastronomy of the city, for they come here to enhance the offer that existed like taquerías, local inns and some trucks that supported the boom of these Food Trucks, now the urban culinary offer increases and is presented in a more gourmet style, at the same time as the offer of different plates and urban cuisines. One of the reasons to such a rebirth is, without a doubt, the educational offer provided by gastronómica schools such as the Culinary Art School, the Instituto de Gastronomía (the Gastronomy Institute) at Playas de Tijuana, as well as other smaller schools that manage to develop the culinary abilities and turn them into true works of art, for they have forged a new generation of entrepreneurs chefs willing to reinvent the flavors of Baja California, for the delight of its habitants and visitors, both national and international.

The Food Truck term makes reference to an establishment lying within a truck, free from roofs and walls that allow you to be surrounded by the environment and, at the same time, enjoying the culinary recipes made by the cooks, mixing elements and seasonings that créate a unique experience.

Visit one of the many Food Trucks in the city and get to know the new tendencies that are reinventing Tijuana’s cuisine.

From: Descubre Tijuana

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