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Know the difference between an emergency and urgency

Know the difference between an emergency and urgency

Knowing the difference between an emergency and an emergency will help you face the best way to any of these situations. In case of an accident or unexpected, it is very common that there is confusion when using both words, thinking they mean the same thing. In fact, these terms are different, and then clarify.

 What is an emergency and an emergency?

Urgent care is when immediate assistance, whether it is necessary:

By sudden onset of a severe case.
By worsening of a chronic illness.
To avoid overloading hospital emergency services, please turn to these services only in cases of emergency or when health care is needed immediately.


An emergency occurs in those situations where immediate attention is required.


An emergency is a critical situation of obvious danger to the life of the patient and requires immediate action. Normally we are faced with an emergency when:

The victim is unconscious.
He is suspected to have suffered a heart attack or has a cardiac arrest.
There is a large blood loss.
It is suspected that may have broken bones.
It is suspected that there may be deep wounds, for example stab.
When breathing difficulties are observed.
When severe burns are observed.
When a severe allergic reaction is observed.

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