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How should we react to different types of pain

Everybody hurts something more or less frequency and intensity and regardless of your age. This makes more than 80% of people let us go, at least once a year, the doctor according to the latest National Health Survey prepared by the Ministry of Health and the National Institute of Statistics.

In most cases, it is common discomforts of no great importance, but still, it is best if we see the pain persists, consult a specialist who can treat.

Our body is wise and, generally, knows detect when simply have a mild pain that we probably pass quickly or where the problem is greater, the end of the day and says the popular phrase “the best doctor for each one’s self “and although it is not entirely true, if it is true that nobody like us to notice the changes in our body and turn on the alarm. Here are some examples to react as soon as possible if symptoms involve some risk:

Headache: a very common nuisance when we are exhausted, hungry, we are in a noisy environment or loaded and even when we are about to have a cold or have it already. There are a thousand reasons to head hurt us, but it is a very intense, exaggerated pain, gives us like vomiting or other symptoms should go immediately to the emergency room. It could be simply migraines, but in people over 65 sometimes has to do with high blood pressure or severe cases with a brain hemorrhage. Let us go to the doctor sooner, before we discover the problem and fix it.
Fainting: it is normal that has to do with low voltage, although there are doctors who say it is a “life insurance” sufferers know how annoying it is. If it is a simple giddiness, the ideal is that when the person is lying on the floor, someone to lift your legs a few minutes, thus will return immediately to normal, then it will be good to take some refreshment sugar or candy to make sure that the voltage returns to its figures. If fainting person loses consciousness completely and waking is lost, mobility impaired, difficult to stand or has a paralyzed hand, we must immediately call the emergency services or transfer it directly to the hospital, because the damage can be old.
Chest pain or side: if it coincides with certain movements, it may be a muscle injury, but if the trouble begins to be very intense as soon as possible should go to the doctor because it could be a heart attack.
Back pain: is the most common complaint. Many happens to us when we make any effort, or load weight, exercise, etc. For most it is a bearable pain but in some cases the back injury becomes more problematic, so, before we are in this situation, we must go to a doctor for evaluation after previous we recommend a good physiotherapist. There are times when you also feel some numbness of the limbs and might be related back pain in cases where the vertebrae are compressing a nerve. If it is a mild pain, simply take a painkiller and not make efforts. In any case, it is the doctor who decides.
They are all very common pain we have all suffered at some point, but it is good to remember what to do at all times. What a mistake never be sure is to go to a doctor and let us advise, or if we need to medicate him.


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