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In Hospital del Prado, I received first class attention, the hospital’s staff is not only highly trained to do their job but also provide and excellent service which i recommend one hundred percent. The facilities are in perfect condition and its clear they’re new and in constant maintenance and improvement. The hospital also has amenities for my companions like the cafeteria and waiting room. Although disease are uncomfortable and not pleasant experiences, I can without a doubt say I enjoyed being treated in Hospital del Prado and from now on they are my first choice to take care of my health.

– Aldo Cayeros


Know the difference between an emergency and urgency


Know the difference between an emergency and urgency

Knowing the difference between an emergency and an emergency will help you face the best way to any of these situations. In case of an accident or unexpected, it is very common that there is confusion when using both words,…

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Group of women in dance fitness class.


7 Data of physical inactivity

Physical inactivity is the fourth most important risk factor for global mortality. 6% of global deaths are attributed to physical inactivity. Only exceed hypertension (13%) and consumption of snuff (9%), and equals hyperglycemia (6%).

Office lady being scared because of too much paperwork to do


How stress works?

Stress is caused by situations of distress, anxiety, worry, anger, etc. that causes a number of problems and damage to the health of the individual who suffers it. The problem is that we can be stressed and not realize. We…

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