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In Hospital del Prado, I received first class attention, the hospital’s staff is not only highly trained to do their job but also provide and excellent service which i recommend one hundred percent. The facilities are in perfect condition and its clear they’re new and in constant maintenance and improvement. The hospital also has amenities for my companions like the cafeteria and waiting room. Although disease are uncomfortable and not pleasant experiences, I can without a doubt say I enjoyed being treated in Hospital del Prado and from now on they are my first choice to take care of my health.

– Aldo Cayeros


Why Del Prado Medical Center?


Why Del Prado Medical Center?

We are a medical institution with the desire to offer a healthcare center worthy of its people. The balance between avant grade technology, high-quality medical services at reasonable prices has placed us on the map as a leading healthcare center…

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Discover Baja: bring your pet along!


Discover Baja: bring your pet along!

If you want to travel but don’t want to leave your pet behind, then bring it with you! Imagine hiking mountains, going to the beach, kayaking, visiting the desert and more with your little furry best friend! We know about…

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