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8 Tips to have an uncomplicated pregnancy

8 Tips to have an uncomplicated pregnancy

During pregnancy aches, pains and strange sensations that can be difficult to differentiate normal from abnormal may occur. Meet some tips to make your pregnancy more enjoyable.

Visit your gynecologist.

Regularly visit your gynecologist to make the appropriate tests and obtain adequate prenatal care. With this, you can prevent future illnesses that could complicate your pregnancy.

Wear comfortable clothes.

During your pregnancy, use loose, comfortable clothing for you. Since heels can put you at risk if you do not use them properly, they can put pressure on them to the point of hurting.

Taking folic acid.

It is very important to take enough folic acid when you’re trying to get pregnant and during the first trimester of pregnancy, as it significantly reduces the risk that your baby will develop neural tube defects.

Stop using drugs.

If you are being treated for a chronic non suspendas your medication but inform your doctor immediately for options.

Just relax.

It is possible that at the beginning of your pregnancy’re very tired, so listen to your body and rest as much as possible. Try music or aromatherapy to relax.

No nausea.

Some tricks can help you overcome them; Choose cold foods, eat smaller portions and make several meals a day. Where this is not enough ask your doctor to list the medications that can alleviate symptoms.

Limit your coffee consumption.

gradually decrease your intake. If you stop consuming caffeine suddenly, it can have severe headaches, nausea, fatigue and other symptoms. Try to limit your caffeine intake to less than 200 mg per day (about one cup of 300 ml of coffee).

Other precautions.

Many pregnant women worry about the possible effects they may have different products in your developing baby. These products include household cleaners, insecticides, hair dyes, permanents, nail polish, electrolysis, paint fumes, microwave and tanning beds are included.

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